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Nylon Pistol Cases w/carry straps 3 for special

Price: $22.00


Nylon Pistol Case with a Strap
, 5 Sizes in the Nylon case with carry straps,
but 3 for one price.
Just state what size is needed when you place your order and the quantity is (1) for the 3 items special.
Comes in 5 sizes:
CH-PA: Fits 2" revolvers, Beretta Tomcat, Phoenix, Jennings small 22.25, 380 autos.>br> CH45: Fits all semi Auto's and up to 4" revolvers
CH6: Fits all 6" revolvers and Target Pistol's
CH8: Fits all 7" to 8.5" Revolvers of Black Powder guns